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about us

How it began ...

Born of necessity, the mother of invention! RuggedRollers were created by custom chassis and street rod builders, always 'making do' with junkyard wheels or fabricating wheels of heavy plywood. One day, frustrated from waiting on custom wheels and tires needed to set a car at ride height, we decided to fire up the CNC plasma. Several hours later, our first set of Rollers was born! 

Why choose Rugged?

RuggedRollers are the finest quality steel wheels with dozens of potential uses. We are the only company offering this unique product, featuring durable, ultra-strong steel plate and tubing. The quality and durability of RuggedRollers far surpasses any plastic wheel.

We never leave you flat!


Thanks, I really appreciate it! Will definitely leave positive FB and get you some pix eventually. They definitely sound better. I like being able to replicate the actual rake from running big and little combinations. Thanks again!


These fill a niche Ive been waiting on for years, thanks for the extra bolt circle that will make them universal.


Cant wait to get the next set. The set on our 55 Chevy really helped figure out what we wanted the stance to be. Big and little set for our 32 is next!

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