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Our 27" dia Heavy Duty  series wheel features the same heavy duty 1/4 plate steel construction with rolled steel tire for a lifetime of use as our smaller wheels but a slightly larger dia and beefier profile for more support. PERFECT for seeing and setting ride height mock ups before shellling out tons of dough on new sneakers and rims!. Multi-lug holes are standard feature and fit common Ford 5 lug 4-1/2 bolt circle and for the Chevy folks we have added  patterns in 5 lug 4-3/4 bolt well as 5 x 5" and 5 x 5-1/2 "Wide 5" pattern.

All wheels fit most any aftermarket brake combo that doesnt protrude forward of the wheel mounting surface, we have found no interference on any Wilwood, Baer or Brembo kits up to 13" that we have tried. You can check your particular vehicle by running a straight edge across the mounting surface etc. 

Hub ID is 3-1/16 inch and clears most conventional hub rotors and front aluminum hubs. 


NOTE: All lug holes are  sized for 1/2 studs. OEM Chevy had a 7/16 but we have found no issues using this setup and most aftermarket upgrades increase the stud size to 1/2. 


***Custom Bolt circles are available such as 6 and 8 lug and custom lug holes for drive studs or other are available as well. 


Please  NOTE: Wheels are built to order. Typically 1-2 week lead time. If this is an issue please contact us first for actual delivery times. 

27" Dia Wheel (single wheel only)

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